2019 RECAP

OPTIMA at a glance

Over 800 talent optimizers from around the world descended on Boston to connect, learn, and strategize about the powerful discipline of talent optimization.

OPTIMA 2019 was the world’s first talent optimization conference that brought together the best minds in business to learn cutting edge strategies for designing, hiring, and inspiring high-performing teams to crush the competition.

Join us at OPTIMA and learn why a people-first approach will optimize your talent and break through your growth blockers.

Ground-Breaking Speakers

Mel Robbins, author of The Five Second Rule

Lynda Applegate, Harvard Business School Professor

David Cancel, CEO of Drift

Billy Beane, story behind “Moneyball” and SVP of the Oakland Athletics

Watch them in action


Mel Robbins | 00:21


Kevin Maney | 00:59


Michael Alosso | 00:26

All-Star Entertainment

Featured ‘Shut Up And Dance’ artist, Walk The Moon and incredible Cirque performances.

Powerful Breakthroughs

Attendees conversed about their journeys, shared best practices, and left with lasting connections.

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