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Reinvent The Way We Work

Aaron Dignan, Author, Brave New Work, Consultant to Fortune 100

Aaron Dignan is the author of Brave New Work, consultant to Fortune 100, Founder of The Ready—a global organizational transformation and coaching practice, and an active angel investor.

Helping companies small and large adopt new forms of self-organization and dynamic learning, Dignan will discuss how to revolutionize the way we work and how to make change.
Dignan has sat on advisory boards for GE, American Express, PepsiCo, and the Cooper Hewitt, as well as the board of directors for Smashburger.


111:15am ET

Brave New Work In Action

Kirk Arnold, XIR at General Catalyst | Aron Ain, CEO at UKG

CEO of UKG Aron Ain sits down with XIR at General Catalyst Kirk Arnold for a fireside chat to offer a real example of brave new work in action. Through his experience of successfully merging two massive companies weeks before the pandemic and leading people with trust as the foundation, Aron shows attendees people-first leadership in action.

1:40pm ET

Breaking Through the Barriers of Inclusion at Work

Aiko Bethea, Equity Champion, Consultant, Coach, DEI&B for Brené Brown

Aiko is an award-winning and highly sought-after equity consultant focused on coaching Fortune 100 leaders and teams to remove barriers to inclusion. Aiko brings experience working with “Dare to Lead” author Brené Brown as well as Georgia State Governor Stacey Abrams and is recognized by Forbes as one of the top seven anti-racism educators for companies.

2:40pm ET

Atomic Habits: Small, Easy Changes Deliver Big Results

James Clear, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Atomic Habits.

Clear’s art of one-part storytelling, one-part academic research, and one-part personal experiment, forms a colorful blend of inspirational stories, academic science, and hard-earned wisdom.

As of 2021, “Atomic Habits” has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, enjoyed over a year on the New York Times bestseller list, spent over 33 weeks on the Wall Street Journal bestselling list, and topped Amazon’s Most Sold List for over 31 weeks. Leave James Clear’s keynote session with the tools to get 1% better everyday, enabling you to break bad habits and stick to good ones, by making small, easy changes that deliver big results.

4:40pm ET

Plug In To Your Potential: How You Can Adapt To Anything

J.R. Martinez, Army veteran, burn survivor, actor, Dancing with the Stars Season 13 winner

J.R. Martinez is an Army veteran, burn survivor, actor, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author and Dancing with the Stars season 13 winner. He has traveled the world speaking with troops at various bases, as well as serving as keynote speaker for numerous major corporate events, non-profits, Universities and Fortune 500 companies. J.R. devotes himself to spreading his message of resilience and optimism.

Design Track

How these billion dollar companies build dream teams

Hear from Rockwell Automation and PTC leadership on how they align team strengths with the work to be done — and where they need to course correct — to improve their chances of success and stay focused on the strategy ahead.

Jenn Smithwood-Green

Principal, Organizational Development, PTC​

Michelle Kozin

Founder & President - Predictive Advisors​

Sidney Sollazo

Director, Sales Enablement, Rockwell Automation

Talent Executives: The Future of People-First Decision Making​

The workplace has changed forever. In two years, leaders have contended with changing office environments and risen to face new people challenges. Employees’ needs are evolving, and forward-thinking companies are looking to meet those needs. Learn how talent executives at Rapid7, The Predictive Index, and Teladoc Health are leading through The Great Resignation and mounting their own Great Retention—by building a people-first culture.

Jackie Dube

SVP, Talent Optimization, The Predictive Index

Christina Luconi

Chief People Officer, Rapid7

Carrie Berg

VP of Learning and Development, Teladoc Health, Inc.

Your Team's Secret Weapon: The Rebels & Eccentrics​​

Teams that homogenize members to meet somewhat arbitrary performance and corporate standards dilute the unique human talents essential for innovation and excellence. We can fix that by adopting protocols and practices that encourage employees—even your Rebels at Work—to share their unique ideas and capabilities within a productive team environment.

Carmen Medina

Former Deputy Director, Intel, CIA (Retired Senior Federal Executive)

CEO Panel: Aligning people strategy and business strategy to achieve maximum success​

When the design of an organization, its leadership, its team dynamics, and its culture are approached intentionally and strategically, companies have a much better chance of achieving their desired business objectives.Kirk Arnold, XIR at General Catalyst sits down with CEO power panel Lovepop President and COO John Wise, Up Education Network CEO Veronica Conforme, and Wistia CEO Chris Savage to hear how they drove organizational models that support their business strategy for maximum success.

Kirk Arnold

XIR at General Catalyst

John Wise

President & COO, Lovepop

Chris Savage

CEO, Wistia

Hire Track

It's Not a Robot Apocalypse: How AI Can Make Your Hiring More Human​

The use of AI within HR is on the rise, and these rapid changes are impacting the opportunities of millions of people around the world. In this session, you’ll discover the future of hiring and the importance of people data to recruit high-performing teams.

Dr. Ali Siminovsky

Director of Product Science, The Predictive Index

Will Otto

Director, Talent Optimization, The Predictive Index

Meet the Great Resignation Head On: Strategies to Re-Engage and Retain Your Best People​

Why is the so-called “Great Resignation” happening, and what can we do to face this phenomenon head on? The newest statistical studies show that toxic culture, job insecurity, and failure to recognize and encourage performance are among the top 5 factors leading employees to leave their jobs. In this session, Tracy Timm and her client, Shariyah Gordon, will co-present a tangible solution to this important issue. Together they will walk you through an actual use case from 2021 that resulted in re-engaged and passionate employees and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in employment-related cost savings for the client company.

Tracy Timm

CEO of Thrivist

Recruiting (and Retaining) Secrets in the Age of Candidate Scarcity​

Attendees will walk away with tangible tactics to identify the longevity of your recruit’s tenure at your company in the interview process and how to foster positivity around the recruitment process can improve results. Ashley will discuss culture fit, vulnerability and empathy, and how to make an overall stronger recruiting and hiring process that fosters inclusivity in the current climate of candidate scarcity.

Ashley Kirkwood

Executive High Performance Coach

Change@Work: Combating Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process to Build High Performing Teams​

It’s a recruiter’s sworn enemy: unconscious bias. When left unchecked, bias can disrupt the hiring process and set you—and your candidates—up for failure. Learn how to pinpoint bias from start to finish when hiring, while redefining the term “culture fit.” Come away with the tools to diversify your candidate pipeline and add immediate value to your business.

Charkie Quacoo

Program Manager, Change@Work, The Predictive Index

Nicole Smart

Founder & Principal Consultant of Smart EDI Solutions

Lauren Hunter-Dyson

Vice President, Talent and Culture, The New England Aquarium

Sarah McDonald, PhD

Scientist, Celdara Medical, LLC

Real Confidence: Uncover the Science & Secrets That Truly Empower Everyone's Potential​

Confidence isn’t a result—it’s a requirement for personal and professional success. It fuels persistence, leadership, and well-being. It enables us to be resilient, focused, fearless, and to feel that we belong. It’s the real secret to attracting and achieving what you want – and who you want to be. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught how to be confident. In fact, we’ve been misled, often lied to. Confidence isn’t inherited or vicariously inspired. You don’t just get it by working hard or faking it. Its learned, not earned. Sadly, it takes most people 60+ years to figure it out and reach their confident best. By knowing some basic brain science and social secrets, anyone can have REAL confidence right now.

Alyssa Dver

Chief Confidence Officer, CEO & Co-Founder at the American Confidence Institute (ACI) Confidence Crusader, Neuro Nerd, Success Equalizer

Employee Experience Track

Leading a Culture of Belonging​

The workplace needs to change from being an irritating bureaucratic organism to a friendly, people-centric space of community and belonging. That’s where you come in. This requires leaders to show up in their roles in different ways.

Dr. Hume Johnson

Executive Leadership Coach, author of Brand YOU

End the 2-Week Notice, Begin with Trust​​

Create better outcomes and options for employees who decide to leave the company. Remove the taboo of employee departures and preserve the employee/employer relationship beyond the exit. Learn to create a company culture based on authenticity, trust and quality communication, so your employees become healthier, happier and more receptive to making the two weeks notice a relic of the past

Bob Glazer

Founder & CEO of Acceleration Partners

HR Redefined… AGAIN​​

It’s time to let go of the past perceptions of HR, as the new world of work has never needed more transparency, flexibility and empathy. With HR more elevated than ever before, Tracie and Lars will discuss modern HR and how they think differently than their legacy predecessors so you can take your people operations to the next level through learning, connections, and community.

Tracie Sponenberg

Chief People Officer, The Granite Group

Lars Schmidt

Author of “Redefining HR,” Founder of Amplify

Lessons from the Bossholes: How to Reinvent the Manager in Today’s Climate​

Why are you a manager? Join this discussion to learn from Sara Best and John Broer, hosts of the Bossholes Chronicles podcast, how to reinvent your management and dive into your “why”.

John Broer

Real Good Ventures

Sara Best

Real Good Ventures

5 in the Room, 5 on the Zoom: How to Inspire No Matter Where You Are

In 2022, we need to lead and communicate in person, virtually and in mixed experiences. How do we make people feel seen and heard in all of these settings?

Michael Allosso

Master Communcations Expert

Consulting Track

How to Generate Demand and Grow Your Consultancy​

Conventional approaches to demand generation and generating interest in B2B; shaping how consultants are marketing; sharing expertise and techniques used in building his own consultancy with real-world, actionable tips and examples.

Chris Walker

CEO, Refine Labs

“Aha” Moments That Drive Success​

In this fun and interactive session, Teri Kinsella will discuss how experiential learning brings life to talent optimization. Teri will share one team building exercise she has successfully used with over 100 executive teams. She will review the most enlightening “aha” moments 3 teams had during the exercise and how those insights drove future decisions.

Teri Kinsella

Advisor, PI Midlantic

How to Wow (and Win!) New Clients with Talent Optimization​

Before you can serve your clients, you have to win their business. Our expert panelists share their tips and experiences around how to position yourself as a trusted business advisor, create a high-impact proposal outlining a talent optimization investment and outcomes, and overcome obstacles that otherwise threaten your well-crafted pitch.

Matt Poepsel

VP, Professional Services @ PI​

Mary Beth Hardy, Psy.D.

Chief Culture Officer, SAP-NS2

Natasha Augustine

Director of Client Engagement, Sweeney Associates

John Hopkins

Founder, Inspirit Growth

PI Experience Track

The Future of Talent Optimization Software: PI's Product Innovations in 2022 and Beyond​​

Talent optimization is growing and transforming each year, and so are PI’s products. Join PI’s Senior Vice President of Product as she showcases what features will be added next to their industry-leading talent optimization software. Do not miss this session if you want to hire all-star candidates with accuracy or build a world-class company culture in 2022.

Alisa Sheyn

SVP of Product, The Predictive Index

Dr. Ali Siminovsky

Director of Product Science, The Predictive Index

Brian Jamieson

Director of Product Design at The Predictive Index

How The World’s Greatest Sports Teams Win On the Field and In the Office with PI ​

Talent optimization, in one form or another, has been at the core of championship sports franchises for decades. That’s why some of the biggest names in sports use The Predictive Index to build successful teams on and off the field. Join this client panel as they discuss how to use PI’s software and its powerful science to stay ahead of the competition in both performance and business.

Harry Davis

Senior Consultant The Predictive Index

Mike Danubio

VP of HR, The Boston Red Sox

Kim Hoefert

Manager of Inside Sales, Chicago Bulls

Morgan Jones

Sr. Manager DEI & Belonging Strategy, Spurs Sports & Entertainment

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