A native of Brooklyn, NY, Charkie is the daughter of two immigrants (father from Ghana and mother from Panama). She has spent most of her career in workforce development helping underrepresented young people gain the skills, access and opportunities to achieve their full potential in their careers and lives. Charkie has extensive experience¬† implementing and improving org-wide systems that drive equity within staff development, performance management, recruitment and hiring, and other aspects of people operations that improve the employee satisfaction and sense of belonging resulting in the higher employee engagement.Charkie is passionate about creating the conditions that allow every individual to feel valued at work with equitable resources to thrive and succeed. Using her lived experience being the “token” individual for much of her life, Charkie has always brought a DEI lens to her work and her 10+ years as a trustee for environmental educational nonprofit, Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine.Charkie holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Educational Studies from Trinity College.

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