Michele Barry

Vistage Chair, Vistage International
Michele A. Barry is President of M Barry Consulting, LLC. Michele brings 30 years of diverse experience and over 8,000 hours of coaching to C-level executives, leadership teams, Boards of Directors, and other clients. Working with Michele, clients accelerate their learning, enabling them to adapt and thrive in the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment of today.
Michele specializes in leadership development; executive coaching; and organizational culture and business strategy consulting. Using a facilitative, collaborative approach, Michele brings cutting edge adult development methods into her coaching practice and leverages tools such as the Leadership Circle Profile, the EQi 2.0, and the Predictive Index Talent Optimization suite. A Predictive Index Certified Partner, Michele helps her clients foster a culture of employee awareness and engagement to optimize talent and achieve their business goals.
Through Vistage International, Michele helps companies outperform the competition using one-on-one executive coaching, trusted peers, and a worldwide network of more than 25,000 progressive and practiced executives. As a Vistage Chair, Michele leads CEO and Key Executive peer groups to empower CEOs, presidents, business owners, and executives to become better leaders who make better decisions that lead to dramatically better business results. Michele is on the Vistage Faculty, teaching beginning and advanced courses to other Vistage Chairs, and she mentors new and developing Chairs in the New England region to help them more effectively form and lead their own Vistage groups.
Michele holds a B.A. in Chemistry and English, an M.S. in Accounting, a joint M.A. in Literature and Women’s Studies, an M.L.A.S. in Leadership, and Six Sigma certification. Michele is also certified in The Leadership Circle Profile, The Leadership Culture Survey, The EQi 2.0, and The Predictive Index.


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